Some examples of our work:


Please note the first two videos were made for screening at the O2 in London during a performance, so they are without sound.


Welcome to God&Bass…

iPhone App Promo Video

God&Bass – The Story

TCO Showreel

God&Bass – June 15th Promo

Martin Luther Trailer

s!c gaming – 3D Intro

White Room Stories was created by Front Page Media in conjunction with local churches to give people the space to tell their stories.

This is a behind the scenes look at The Cramatics music video ‘Like Gold’.

A music video for Chris Churchill done in a live lounge acoustic fashion.

This is an event intro done for and Christian club event, which takes place around the Bournemouth area.

An event round-up video we did for an annual Battle of the Bands that takes place in Dorset.